hidden service server

A CLI that will host a static website as a .onion hidden service.


  • go1.17
  • tor 0.4.x
    • download source here https://www.torproject.org/download/tor/
    • extract files (tar -xzf) and navigate to directory
    • ./configure && make && sudo make install. Check that tor is installed with tor --version.



cd cmd/ && go build -o onioncli && mv onioncli .. && cd ..

This places the binary onioncli in the project root.


Instead of building the project, you can also run it:

go run ./cmd/... [flags]


To serve a static website:

./onioncli --serve-dir ~/my-website
$ 2022-04-13T10:44:44.217-0400	INFO	cmd	cmd/main.go:153	Open Tor browser and navigate to http://7ukuzklqxkwesfs3dla5zzj3bsjb6v2rx25bq3fr662qistclpixgxqd.onion

If you have run the CLI before and have a server private key already (by default stored in service.key), you can pass it to the CLI so that the .onion address used will be the same as before.

./onioncli --private-key=service.key --serve-dir ~/my-website

You can also turn on debug logs with --log=debug.


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