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Server & Client Template in Golang (gRPC/protobuf)

This repository provides server & client boilerplate codes written in golang. The server & client communicated via gRPC/protobuf interface. It’s boring to fork the repo and replace all the placeholders to fit your own environment. Instead, this repository give an easy way to “copy”.

Initial Setup

  1. Click “Use this template” button.
  2. Fill up the name of repository that you want to create.
  3. When the repository is copied over to your place, a setup GitHub Action gets triggered. It essentially leaves a PR when it is done.
  4. Merge the PR named Initial Setup.
  5. When the PR is done merged, it triggers another ci GitHub Action. Wait until it ends.
  6. Run make install. You can also specify PROTOC_VERSION if needed like this:
    PROTOC_VERSION=3.17.0 make install

What can you do with initial setup?

You can simply ping from a client to server with a dummy message via DummyService.

What should you do after initial setup?

  1. Simply define your own protocol buffer services and messages in /pkg/pbs/.
  2. Generate *.pb.go files via make clean install all.
  3. Implement your message receiving logic in /pkg/serv/.
  4. Write your own business logic to leverage your own gRPC/protobuf services and messages.

Directory Structure

|-- .github    -- (D)(0)
|-- cmd
|   |-- client -- (D)(1)
|   |
|   |-- server -- (D)(2)
|   |
|   `-- tools  -- (D)(3)
|-- internal   -- (D)(4)
|-- model      -- (D)(5)
|-- pkg
|   |-- pbs    -- (D)(6)
|   |
|   `-- serv   -- (D)(7)
`-- Makefile   -- (F)(8)

(D) indicates Directory, and (F) indicated File

  1. Any GitHub Action should go into .github. Basic CI workflow is provided. It simply builds cmd/client/main.go and cmd/server/main.go to check if there is any errors.

  2. cmd/client is for launching Client application. Boilerplate codes for sending out DummyService‘s GetHello rpc is provided.

  3. cmd/server is for launching Server application. Boilerplate codes for set Server and listening on a specific port is provided.

  4. cmd/tools is for listing up any go packages to be included. Boilerplate codes list up protoc-gen-go-grpc and protoc-gen-go.

  5. internal is an empty as in the initial setup. You can store any business logics for any internal use here.

  6. model is an empty as in the initial setup. You can store any models to work with internal business logics here.

  7. pkg/pbs contains protocol buffer related stuff. Usually files with the extensions of *.proto, *.pb.go should be stored in here.

  8. pkg/serv is there to handle incoming messages from client to server.

  9. Makefile mainly provides two rules, installing gRPC/protobuf environment via make install and generating protobuf into the appropriate folder pkg/pbs via make all.


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