Repository Server for Azura and Shigure music repositories

Installation (Go)

See Go Installation

Installation (PHP)

See PHP Installation

Granting access

The file responsible for it is /etc/cyrkensia/.htpasswd
Here’s a little cheat sheet:

#Adding a user
htpasswd -b /etc/cyrkensia/.htpasswd yourName yourPassword #Replace yourName and yourPassword with the preferec username and password

#Removing a user
htpasswd -D /etc/cyrkensia/.htpasswd yourName #Replace yourName with the username of the account that's supposed to be deleted

#List every existing user
cat /etc/cyrkensia/.htpasswd

File structure

The file tree should look lile this: or (/path/to/CDN-root)
|-- GameXY
|   |-- .metadata.json
|   |-- OST-1.mp3
|   |-- OnlyFiles-NoDirectories.ogg
|   |-- When you realise that there's an easter egg.oga
|-- Firefield
|   |-- .metadata.json
|   |-- Intro.wav
|   |-- Night Dragon.flac
|   |-- Hot Spring Time.m4a
|   |-- Dawnbreaker 2.webm

Adding .metadata.json files

These are neccesary in order for the client to know title and cover asset of the currect album. They should look like this:

    "name": "Epic Music 2020", //The name of your album
    "cover": "default" //the Rich Presence Asset name you'd like to choose for the currect album, for more look at #RPC-Assets


Every Rich Presence Asset can be found in the asset list.


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