Localhost server for HTML, JS and CSS development with SSL.


  1. Download one of the files that match your OS.
  1. Rename executable and put into PATH:
  • for Mac and Linux rename to staticserver
  • for Windows rename to staticserver.exe
  1. Navigate inside a folder with static files and run:
  • staticserver: activate a prompt with different options.
  • staticserver -default: skip the prompt and set all flags to false.
  • staticserver -ssl -gzip -cache: set the three flags to true



Localhost flags

  • ssl: activate an HTTPS server
  • gzip: activate gzip – Content-Encoding: gzip
  • cache: activate cache – Cache-Control: public, max-age=7776000
  • default: use this flag to start the server with all flags set to false

The flags ssl, gzip, cache helps in obtaining 100% score in Google Lighthouse.


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