⚡️ Durudex Auth Service

Service for working with auth.

💡 Prerequisites

⚙️ Build & Run

  1. Create an .env file in the root directory and add the following values from .env.example:

# Debug mode.

# Config variables:

# Postgres database variables:
POSTGRES_URL=postgresql://admin:[email protected]:5432/durudex
  1. Generate certificates, information can be found at certs/README.md.
  2. Migrate the database, information can be found at schema/README.md.

Use make run to run and make build to build project.

🛠 Lint & Tests

Use make lint to run the lint, and use make test for tests.

👍 Contribute

If you want to say thank you and/or support the active development of Durudex:

  1. Add a GitHub Star to the project.
  2. Join the Discord Server.

⚠️ License

Copyright © 2022 Durudex. Released under the GNU AGPL v3 license.


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