This is a service that creates a PDF file from a HTML source. The request is made via API REST and the response is a []byte that contains the PDF file.


We need install wkhtmltopdf b/c we are using that library for create PDF files.

sudo apt install wkhtmltopdf


We need download de project, configure the .env file, compile and run.

Clone the project:

git clone [email protected]:alexyslozada/gohtmltopdf.git
cd gohtmltopdf

Configure the .env file:

cp .env.example .env
# Edit the file with your desire config.

Compile and run:

go mod tidy
go build -o gohtmltopdf cmd/main.go

Client example

This project has a client example in order to know how to write your own client. The client is in client/main.go. You only need to know how to make a request to the server and how to process the response.

If you want to run the client:

go run client/main.go


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