MangoDB is set out to become the de facto open-source alternative to MongoDB. MangoDB is an open-source proxy, which converts MongoDB wire protocol queries to SQL, and uses PostgreSQL as a database engine.

Why do we need MangoDB?

MongoDB is a life-changing technology for many developers, empowering them to build applications faster than using relational databases. Its easy to use and well documented drivers makes MongoDB one of the easiest to use database solutions avaliable.
However, MongoDB abandoned its open source roots, changing the license to SSPL – making it unusable for many open source and commercial projects.

Most MongoDB users are not in need of many of the advanced features offered by MongoDB, however, they are in the need of an open-source database solution. Recognizing this, MangoDB is here to fill the gap by providing an alternative.


MangoDB will be compatible with MongoDB drivers and will work as a drop-in replacement for MongoDB in many cases.

Current state

What you are seeing here is a tech demo, intended to show a proof of concept. Over the next couple of months we will be working on adding more see this example for a short demonstration.

MangoDB is in a very early stage and welcomes all contributors.

Contact us

Visit us at, get in touch, and sign up for updates on the project.


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