SlackStatus – set Slack status for multiple accounts

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This app allows to set Slack status to predefined values from a command line, for multiple accounts at once:

slack-status set lunch

This will set yourself away for an hour, with an hamburger emoji and “Lunch” status text.

Note: you could be prompted to give Keychain access to Chrome storage. This is one-time only request, and it’s required because slack-status scrapes Slack cookies from your browser, and uses that cookie to set status on your behalf.

How to

# Add tap to your Homebrew
brew tap haimgel/tools

# Install it
brew install slack-status

# Configure (see below for details)
mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/slack-status
cp config-sample.yaml ~/Library/Application\ Support/slack-status/config.yaml
vi ~/Library/Application\ Support/slack-status/config.yaml

Sample configuration file

# List of accounts you wish to control. `slack-status` will scrape the cookie from your browser, so you don't need
# to configure anything besides the name of the team. The name of the team the part before, e.g. if your
# Slack team is at, put just "team1" in this list.
  - team1
  - team2
  - team3
# Pre-define statuses you want to set with this app. Be sure to quote the emoji name. Duration uses Go duration notation,
# e.g. 60m is 60 minutes.
  - name: lunch
    emoji: ':hamburger:'
    text: Lunch
    duration: 60m
  - name: call
    emoji: ':phone:'
    text: In a call
    duration: 60m
  - name: brb
    emoji: ':brb:'
    text: BRB
    duration: 60m


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