Set up Postgres container

  1. Check available images docker images
  2. If not available then download the alpine version (since it is light) docker pull postgres:12-alpine
  3. To check running container use docker ps
  4. For running container, use: docker run --name postgres12 -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_USER=root -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=secret -d postgres:12-alpine

-p :
-e for setting environment variables
-d to run as daemon (background)

Also note, password is not asked when we run postgres container locally

To get a interactive shell in the container, use:
docker exec -it postgres12 psql -U root

Commands psql, select now(); to verify access.

To exit console, use: \q

For Docker logs

docker logs <container_name_or_id>

To check logs for container we created:
docker logs postgres12

For schema use:
For managing DB use: TablePlus


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