Create Fiber App

Create Fiber App easily

Status: In development


These commands are available.


You can create a new fiber project using like that;

Alias: c

create-fiber-app create -n


These are subcommands to customize your setup


It’s a flag for the project name. It’s required

Alias: -n

Required: true

Example: create-fiber-app create -n


It’s a flag to specify the project directory. It will use the current directory if you don’t specify a directory.

Alias: -d

Required: false

Example: create-fiber-app create -n -d /path/to/myproject


  • Creating project templates to create example project files, custom middleware, .etc
  • Adding middleware to the current project (Fiber’s itself and custom middleware)
  • Ability to create Fiber project by some project structures
  • Ability to add route
  • Add run command like create-fiber-app run


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