A shell for your s3-compliant storage.

A miniproject developed as a micro tool for the Tools team in Seznam’s SCIF, intended to be used with its proprietary S3 storage.


Sasha is supposed to simulate shell-like environment while browsing through an S3-compliant storage. Getting around while checking the contents of an S3 storage can be tricky, and Sasha is here to make it easier.


Sasha looks for the following env vars upon start:

  • S3_ENTRYPOINT – S3 entrypoint URL, can be overridden with the -e flag.

If no credentials are found in the env, Sasha will look for your ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials files. If not found, Sasha will refuse to work.

Flag options:

  • -e – OPTIONAL. S3 entrypoint URL. Example value: If not specified, the entrypoint will be sought in the env. If it is not provided in either way, Sasha will refuse to work.
  • -p – OPTIONAL. Specifies the profile from the ~/.aws/credentials file you want to use. Overrides the env credentials. Example: sasha -p lemmy-kilmister

You can find some pre-compiled binaries in this repository.

Supported commands

  • cd (one level at the time, including cd .., or naked to go to root)
  • ls
  • file – displays the file’s basic info + metadata
  • pwd
  • update/reload – reloads the current level
  • exit

…more to be added in the future.


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