shoutrrr daemon

Orginal repositories: shoutrrr repository shoutrrr documentation

Installation & Configuration

Create a services.yaml with the following content (replace for your use):

service_name_1: discord://[email protected]
service_name_2: smtp://username:[email protected]:port/?fromAddress=fromAddress&toAddresses=recipient1
service_name_3: gotify://gotify-host/token

docker-compose up -d

If you want to use it in your docker-compose file (for other services):
services.yaml volume to /services.yaml and the port of the http server is 80.

docker pull

How to use?

Make a POST request to /send with the following form url encoded parameters:

  • service (the name of the service: the key in the yaml file, the service url will be the value)
  • message (the message that will be send to the service url)


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