Big shoutout to jokerj40 for suggesting this project idea (the original thought was to parse the history file)


Usage 🔬

<SHELL_NAME> - zsh or bash

Flags 🎌

-p, --piechart - use with <SHELL_NAME> (draws only piechart widget)

-b, --barchart - use with <SHELL_NAME> (draws only barchart widget)

-l, --list - use with <SHELL_NAME> (draws only list widget)
-s, --shell-path - use with <SHELL_NAME> Manualy provide the history file path

Draw all widgets

tsukae <SHELL_NAME>


Draw specific widget

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> -p

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> -b

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> -l

Pass certain commands number (1-15) and draw all widgets

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> 10

Draw specific widget with certain commands number

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> 10 -p

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> 5 -b

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> 3 -l

Pass certain history file

tsukae <SHELL_NAME> -s=/home/me/dir/hist_file

Contributing 🤝

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome! 👍

Feel free to check open issues.

Quick Start 🚀

git clone https://github.com/irevenko/tsukae.git

cd tsukae

go get -d ./...

go run main.go

What I Learned 🧠

  • Parsing Text Files using Go
  • Drawing termui


  • maybe fish, sh, etc... support
  • make proper PieChart render
  • binaries for osx, linux
  • customize TUI (colors, new charts and ways to visualize commands usage)