shoya-go | The API of the VRChat server emulator

Shoya is the heart of the server emulator (private server) I’ve been writing for VRChat, a multiplayer social VR experience.

Project Goal

As has been made obvious over the last 20 years, always-online experiences have a “shelf date”, they will disappear. The servers will be shut down at some point in the future, and that is a certainty.

As such, this project aims to provide a self-hosted alternative to the official VRChat servers in an effort to aid content archival & future-proofing.

Version Support

The following versions have been confirmed to work on Shoya;

  • Any build from 1130 and up to build 1207 have been tested and work.

Features Policy

As part of writing a server emulator, specific design decisions have to be made, including which features will be supported & implemented. As such, the following features will not be implemented;

  • Features relating to VRChat+ (Plus), VRChat’s monetization feature; This includes:
    • Avatar favorites going beyond a single group of 25.
    • User icons.
    • Profile pictures.
  • Features relating to VRChat’s work-in-progress creator marketplace features.

If a feature that is not to be implemented is required by the client in order to function, an empty, stub endpoint will be implemented in its place.


The documentation for the project can be found in the docs/ directory.

Help / Support

The support scope for this project only includes bugs & missing core features (“feature requests”); Operators & end-users should not request support relating to end-issues that are not sourced from a bug in the code. The documentation exists for a reason.

That said, a Discord for the project does exist.


This project is not owned by, affiliated with, or endorsed by VRChat, inc.


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