auto deploy ctl similar as helm, Adctl is a tool for managing Charts,Charts are package of pre-configured docker-compose yaml resource

To Use Adctl:

  • auto deploy docker applications via docker-compose
  • share your own applications as Adctl Charts
  • Manage releases of Adctl packages


adctl is a command line program to deploy applications via docker-compose.

It can be installed by running:

go install



docker and docker-compose are required for this tool,The minimum required version is

$docker --version 
Docker version 20.10.11, build dea9396

$docker-compose --version  
docker-compose version 1.29.2, build 5becea4c

adctl nstall

This command can render all yaml files of an application, and then deploy it to docker


adctl install name chart

The chart package should have the following structure:

├── Chart.yaml
├── templates
│   ├── 01-app-mysql.yaml.gtpl
│   ├── 02-job-init-databases.yaml.gtpl
│   ├── 03-app-register-center.yaml.gtpl
│   ├── NOTES.txt
│   └── config
│       ├── init-databases
│       │   └── config.env.gtpl
│       └── mysql
│           └── config.gtpl
└── values.yaml

After executing adctl install, we will generate an instance in the current directory and start it in docker vi docker-compose

adctl upgrade

This command upgrades a release to a new version of a chart

When we modify some configurations, we can execute this command for up-to-date

adctl uninstall

This command takes a release name and uninstalls the release.

However, in order to protect data from being lost, the locally generated directory instancewill not be deleted. If you really need to delete it, you can use flag --clean-instance

More Informations

for more informations, try to use adctl --help to view details


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