with this client you can make your own private Dynamic DNS server; just like DuckDNS.org

this service is crucial if you want to make a homeLab and your ISP does Not provid a static IP address


  • register a Domain or use and existing one
  • create an account on cloudflare.com
  • add cloudflare nameservers to your domain at your domain admin panel
  • get your apikey and other keys from cloud flare website
  • edit config.toml file using your own credentials
  • compile the program using go go build -o DDNS(Note: add build tags according to your target os)
    • if you plannig to use this app on linux machines like raspberry pi use this command GOOS=linux go build -o DDNS
  • add it to cronJobs to run it in 5 minute intervals using a command like this */5 * * * * /user/bin/Dyndns DDNS >/dev/null 2>&1 (Note: edit file path according to your own system)
  • if you setup all thing correctly every time this program runs your domain’s Arecord should be updated to your machine’s current ip
  • have fun 🎈


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