What is this?

Simple app to search video (postgreSQL full text search)

Prepare Your DB

see DB setup docs

Run App

Example to connect the default docker setup

DB_NO_SSL=true DB_PWD=password123 go run ./server/cmd/main.go

or if you want to run on docker

docker build -t api .
docker run -e DB_NO_SSL=true -e DB_PWD=password123 \
-eDB_HOST=host.docker.internal -p 8000:8000 api 

Test API

curl ""

or can use tools like vegeta

  echo "GET" | vegeta attack -rate 100/1s -timeout 2s -duration=30s | tee results.bin | vegeta report
  vegeta report -type=json results.bin > metrics.json
  cat results.bin | vegeta plot > plot.html
  cat results.bin | vegeta report -type="hist[0,100ms,200ms,300ms]"


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