Roberts Space Industries: Gift Generator

Simple attempt at making a program to Brute Force Gift codes for Roberts Space Industries AKA Star Citizen.


NOTE: This does not work, You will not get a working code not only due to the huge number of combinations but the way RSI handles codes. RSI Activates a code when selected to “gift” meaning there will be little to none that would just be able to be brute forces at a given time. This was a FAILED project.

This started as a test to see if you could guess Gift codes for items on the RSI website, After using a few valid codes I wrote this simple program that uses the cookies from your login to attempt to Brute Force random gift codes in a attempt to get some that are valid. 

The issue; The issue with this is that the gift code is a string of 13 characters that include A-Z & 0-9. If you do the math to see how many potential combinations that would be its a huge number… 2.3107896E+9 or 2,310,789,600 to be exact. Meaning if you could test 50 codes a second it would take at least 535 days to do every possible code, and that’s if you had a method of knowing if the code you are testing hasn’t been used already.

So in the end, it basically pointless to try. The code works but is far to inefficient.

Posting the code so others may learn from how I did this if they want.

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Taking time out of my life to study, code and debug projects like these takes time and money away from me and my family, any support will be apricated and will aid in the future projects I am working on and plan to release. 

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