lccli is a simple command-line tool that serve as a alternative to the official Lunar Client launcher.


The first question you may ask is: “why should I use this tool instead of the official launcher?“, and the answer for that question is really simple: the official launcher is Electron-based and is really resource-hungry in CPU, so it’s not suitable for lower end devices or for people who want the maximum performance.

Usage and Examples

This tool is intended to be simple, so it just take one argument, the rest of the arguments are ignored and a few settings are used in a lccli.toml file, which should be located in the same path as the executable. For example, if I want to run the 1.7 version, I first need to download the version using the official launcher (yes, I know that it is a tricky way to do it, but until I don’t find a better way this will be the only option). Then I can just run lccli 1.7 in the terminal, simple as that and the game will be launched just fine. This tool is untested on Windows, so if it does not work, please make sure to open a issue.


The building process for this tool is really simple and take just a few seconds or minutes, since it’s a small Go project. You just need to install the go package with the package manager of your choice, and then run the following command: go build -ldflags "-s -w".


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