SAPL AWE Usage Stats Parser

A simple program which can parse the stats provided by SAPL’s AWE Early Literacy Stations.

This project is very barebones at the moment. I may add more to it, I may not.

Typically, AWE stats are output to .usage files. At their core, they are just JSON files.


  • To build the program, you need to have Golang 1.19 or later installed.

Building and Running

  • Windows
    • To build the program run: go build -o ./dist/filename.exe ./cmd/cli
    • To run the program after building in Windows: .\dist\filename.exe
  • Linux/MacOS
    • TODO

Small tidbits

This program reads the JSON generated by the AWE Early Literacy Station and gives a quick count of usages and also outputs the data to csv.

Program Flags

  • -h “Provides information about all program flags.”
  • -f “Input a filename to open. Defaults to test.json.”
    • ex. .\dist\filename.exe -f thefile.usage
  • -o “Enter an output filename. Defaults to output.csv.”
    • ex. .\dist\filename.exe -o theoutputfile.csv

TODO: Further flesh out documentation and create tests.


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