Flip A Coin

Simple command-line tool made using GO


I have a habit of flipping coin when I am unable to make decisions. Most of the time the heads represent the positive feeling or doing something and tails represent the negative feeling or not doing something. But, flipping the coin once and making decision based on that doesn’t feel good. So my decision is always based on the frequency of heads and tails. Flipping a coin multiple time in google search is time consuming and most of the time I am in terminal. So I felt the need to make my own Flip A Coin command-line tool.


Clone the github repo in your local machine.

$ https://github.com/cruzelx/Flip-A-Coin-GOLANG

CD into the project directory.

$ cd <project-directory>

You can run the program in two different ways. For a single toss, run the program without any flags. For repeated toss, use -R flag with integer value as the repeat value

For single toss

$ go run main.go

For multiple toss

$ go run main.go -R 100

The coin is flipped 100 times and the aggregated result is printed in console.

If we are the same

Build a binary using build command.

$ go build

Make a bin directory at HOME

$ mkdir ${HOME}/bin

Copy flipacoin binary to ${HOME}/bin

$ cp <path-to-flipacoin-binary> ${HOME}/bin

Add following in shell config file. Eg, .bashrc or .zshrc

export PATH=${HOME}/bin

Refresh the terminal either by closing and reopening, or by using source command.

$ source ~/.zshrc


$ source ~/.bashrc

Flip a coin

$ flipacoin

Output: You have got a HEAD% or

$ flipacoin -R 40

Output: Total toss: 40, Heads: (18, 45%), Tails: (22, 55%)%


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