Chi App

Simple extensible project for WebApp or API based on chi .


  • go mod tidy
  • install reflex auto recompile on file change
  • rest client for visual studio to handle and run *.http files for testing endpoints


  • each Module can have it’s own separate database and routes
  • all input POST PUT DELETE are saved to a storagefile database before any routing and can be read anytime for Module database rebuilding or playback depending on the modules needs (i.e. restructure database and replay the input user data to rebuild into the new structure)
  • modules can talk together in the same process via"modulename") with casting to a module interface


Helper functions for modules:

func (m *ModuleBase) JSON(w http.ResponseWriter, data interface{})
func (m *ModuleBase) JSONString(w http.ResponseWriter, data string)
func (m *ModuleBase) SendString(w http.ResponseWriter, str string)
func (m *ModuleBase) Status(w http.ResponseWriter, stat int) *ModuleBase
func (m *ModuleBase) BodyParser(r *http.Request, obj interface{}) error

Module definition

  • a module has it’s own folder i.e. src/modules/test
  • “entity” types can be defined in src/entities for all modules to access

package test

import (

type Module struct {
	app *entities.App
// callable module interface for other modules
//	  u :="test")
//	  s := u.(t.TestInterface).DoSomething()
type TestInterface interface{
    DoSomething() string

func New(a *entities.App) entities.ModuleInterface {
	m := Module{} = a
    // make sure m implements TestInterface (compiler error if not)
    var _ TestInterface = &m
    // setup db here
	return &m

func (m *Module) Name() string {
	return "test"

func (m *Module) SetupRoutes() chi.Router {
	r := chi.NewRouter()
	// setup routes here
	return r

func (m *Module) Stop() {
	log.Println("test module stopping...")
    // cleanup here

func (m *Module) AfterModulesLoaded() {
    // you can now call"name")
    // and cast to a property on the struct for
    // future use

func (m *Module) DoSomething() string {
    return "hello"

adding a module to app

// main.go
	app.AddModule(r, "/test", test.New(app)) // "/test" route to create test module under


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