Simple Mail T(racker) Protocol

Ensure your email has been read

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  • In phishing campaign (with the prior agreements of course!), to perform information gathering. (retrieve information about who read, with which browser, at what time etc..)
  • Because many SMTP clients don’t provide “acknowledgement of receipt” anymore
  • For commercial mail, to see who has been attracted by your email, but it is definitely not cool!

Current state is a very naive implementation, may be enhancements will be made espacially for the phishing use case (deal with multiple targets, directly send the email providing a mail list, etc..)

🚀 Launch instructions

1️ Launch smtrackerp

cd $(mktemp -d) # preferably in temporary dir
smtrackerp --url [YOUR_EXTERNAL_URL] -t [TARGET_MAIL]

2️ Insert payload in your mail

smtrackerp will generate a html file containing an invisible image. Insert it in your mail.

Then send it!

3️ Wait..


I know, i know .. i’m using ngrok, for testing purpose only

📨 Send & track in one-step

You can use smtrackerp to directly send your mail and then waiting for the “proof of reading”.

1️ Put the mail body in a file

You could use test/test.html if you want

2️ Load your SMTP credential

Via environment variable, the credentials are used to communicate with your SMTP server. I encourage you to save it in a file:


and source it

3️ Send and wait



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