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Simple mock for gocqlx. As gocqlx doesn’t provide interfaces for its methods and functions in order to make the mock possible, we’re using igocqlx, which is a wrapper around gocqlx that provides interfaces.

You can find more about igocqlx in this repo.


go get github.com/Guilospanck/gocqlxmock

How to use

In an application that is using igocqlx as a wrapper for gocqlx, you can do something like:

// query_builder.go
type queryBuilder struct {
  model   igocqlxtable.ITable
  session igocqlx.ISessionx
  logger  interfaces.ILogger

func NewQueryBuider(model igocqlxtable.ITable, session igocqlx.ISessionx, logger interfaces.ILogger) *queryBuilder {
  return &queryBuilder{

func (queryBuilder *queryBuilder) Insert(ctx context.Context, insertData *entities.TrackingData) error {
  insertStatement, insertNames := queryBuilder.model.Insert()
  insertQuery := queryBuilder.session.Query(insertStatement, insertNames).WithContext(ctx)

  err := insertQuery.BindStruct(insertData).ExecRelease()
  if err != nil {
    queryBuilder.logger.Error(fmt.Sprintf("Insert() error %s", err.Error()))
    return err

  return nil

// query_builder_test.go
func Test_Insert(t *testing.T) {
  t.Run("Should insert data and have no error", func(t *testing.T) {
    // arrange
    stmt := `INSERT INTO tracking_data (first_name,last_name,timestamp,heat,location,speed,telepathy_powers) VALUES (?,?,?,?,?,?,?) `
    names := []string{"first_name", "last_name", "timestamp", "heat", "location", "speed", "telepathy_powers"}
    ctx := context.Background()

    trackingModel := models.NewTrackingDataTable().Table
    loggerSpy := logger.LoggerSpy{}
    sessionMock := &gocqlxmock.SessionxMock{}
    queryMock := &gocqlxmock.QueryxMock{
      Ctx:   ctx,
      Stmt:  stmt,
      Names: names,

    queryBuilder := NewQueryBuider(trackingModel, sessionMock, loggerSpy)

    sessionMock.On("Query", stmt, names).Return(queryMock)
    queryMock.On("WithContext", context.Background()).Return(queryMock)
    queryMock.On("BindStruct", &mocks.CompleteDataEntity).Return(queryMock)

    // act
    err := queryBuilder.Insert(ctx, &mocks.CompleteDataEntity)

    // assert
    assert.NoError(t, err)
    sessionMock.AssertNumberOfCalls(t, "Query", 1)
    queryMock.AssertNumberOfCalls(t, "WithContext", 1)
    queryMock.AssertNumberOfCalls(t, "BindStruct", 1)
    queryMock.AssertNumberOfCalls(t, "ExecRelease", 1)
    sessionMock.AssertCalled(t, "Query", stmt, names)
    queryMock.AssertCalled(t, "WithContext", context.Background())
    queryMock.AssertCalled(t, "BindStruct", &mocks.CompleteDataEntity)
    queryMock.AssertCalled(t, "ExecRelease")


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