dwm status

simple modular dwm status command made in go that has drop in plugins that u can arrange the ordering of and/or remove from plugins/plugins.go


edit plugins/plugins.go to change what is used/what order it is used in

package plugins

import (
  _ "dwmstatus/plugins/uptime"
  _ "dwmstatus/plugins/cpu"
  _ "dwmstatus/plugins/memory"
  _ "dwmstatus/plugins/time"
  _ "dwmstatus/plugins/date"
  _ "dwmstatus/plugins/battery"

this would be uptime | cpu | memory | time | date | battery
simply moving one of those in the list dictates where it will end up in the list
like moving cpu up 1 would make it cpu | uptime | memory | ...

then all you do is go build and copy the binary to ur PATH and ur good to just run it and have fun


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