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Package origin provides simple tools and methods to compare and verify the Origin header of a request on the server-side, specifically in the context Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

It supports simple wildcard pattern-matching, and handles omitted port numbers for the most common web protocols.


import (


// Trusted origins:
//  - example.com and its subdomains over HTTPS on port 443 (implicit);
//  - localhost on any scheme and any port.
var patterns = origin.Patterns{

func handler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
  ok, err := patterns.Match(origin.Get(r))
  if err != nil {
    panic(err) // Either the origin or the pattern is mis-formatted.
  if !ok {
    io.WriteString(w, "This request is not from a trusted origin")

  io.WriteString(w, "Hello, World!")


Contributions are welcome via Pull Requests.

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