Simple profiling support package for Go

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Enabling profiling in your application is as simple as one line at the top of your main function

import ""

func main() {
    defer profile.Start().Stop()


What to profile is controlled by config value passed to profile.Start. By default CPU profiling is enabled.

import ""

func main() {
    // p.Stop() must be called before the program exits to
    // ensure profiling information is written to disk.
    p := profile.Start(profile.MemProfile, profile.ProfilePath("."), profile.NoShutdownHook)
    // You can enable different kinds of memory profiling, either Heap or Allocs where Heap
    // profiling is the default with profile.MemProfile.
    p := profile.Start(profile.MemProfileAllocs, profile.ProfilePath("."), profile.NoShutdownHook)

Several convenience package level values are provided for cpu, memory, and block (contention) profiling.

For more complex options, consult the documentation.


We welcome pull requests, bug fixes and issue reports.

Before proposing a change, please discuss it first by raising an issue.