Minecraft Scanner

Program that scans the entire internet for servers with default Minecraft port open (25565).

It saves the results in MongoDB database. Mongo Express frontend is also available.



Simplest way to run this project is with Docker:

docker compose up

Compiling and running manualy

This project contains hardcoded IP addresses which Go allows us to change during the compilation.

If you are running both Redis and Mongo on localhost and default port you can run make all

Environment variables

Except the addresses all other values can be configured in .env.

To get started just rename .env.example to .env and change the values.


If you don’t need to change the adresses you can just run make all to compile everything.

To compile only the scanner or only the worker you can run make scanner or make server respectively.

If you need to modify any addresses you can use the following commands for compilation:


go build -o worker -ldflags='-X main.redisAddr=<redis_address>:<redis_port> -X main.mongoAddr=<mongo_address>:<mongo_port>' worker/worker.go


go build -o scanner -ldflags='-X main.redisAddr=<redis_address>:<redis_port>' main.go


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