Simple API implementaion in Go

To Get Started

Clone repo

Run the command to clone this github repository and change the directory to the project’s folder:

git clone && cd api-go-gin-viper/src

Before run some commands, download some Go dependencies first.

This will download one of the coolest HTTP web framework written in Go (Golang).

go get

Viper helps us to to operate with the predefined config.yaml file in order to export some required values from it.

go get


Start server

Run the command that starts the server on host and port 8080.

go run main.go

After that open another terminal window and insure the path of current working directory is */api-go-gin-viper/src/

Add funder

Adds a funder to the DB. Assuming that address and amount keys/values in single_funder.json are predefined by Frontend.

curl localhost:8080/add-funder --header "Content-Type: application json" -d @single_funder.json --request "POST"

Add funders

Adds a list of funders one by one to the DB. The same keys/values from above are also predefined in numerous_funders.json.

curl localhost:8080/add-funders --header "Content-Type: application json" -d @numerous_funders.json --request "POST"

Fetch funder

Get a funder’s data by assiging his/her id in the query.

curl localhost:8080/fetch-funder?id=1 --request "GET"

Fetch funders

Get a list of each funder’s data from the DB.

curl localhost:8080/fetch-funders --request "GET"

Update funder

Update funder’s funded total amount by increasing it. Assign the id in the query to update a specific funder.

curl localhost:8080/update-funder?id=1 --request "PATCH"

Delete funder

Delete a funder from DB. Assign funder’s id in the query to delete the prefered one.

curl localhost:8080/delete-funder?id=1 --request "DELETE"




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