Go Sample Skill

Simple skill showing how to subscribe to and transact new data written in Go.


File Description
datalog/schema/commit_signature.edn Datalog schema defining Commit signature facts
datalog/subscription/on_push.edn Subscription for new pushes
datalog/subscription/on_commit_signature.edn Subscription for new commit signatures added to the database
Dockerfile Dockerfile to build the Skill runtime container image
main.go Go file defining main entrypoint
handlers.go Go file defining the event handlers
types.go Go file defining mapping for in and outgoing structs
skill.yaml Skill descriptor (metadata and parameters etc)


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Code of conduct

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You will need to install Golang to build and test this project.

Build and test

Install dependencies.

$ go get

Use the following command to build the skill.

$ go build


Releases are created by pushing a release semantic version tag to the repository, Atomist Skills take care of the rest.

To make this skill globally available, set its maturity to “stable” via the set maturity drop-down in its Atomist Community Slack channel.

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