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tsk is a terminal task management app with an emphasis on simplicity, efficiency and ease of use


tsk allows you to create and manage your tasks efficiently your terminal, so that you can dump your mouse 🖱️


Shiny task management web apps often have tons of unnecessary features causing UI glitches which impact our UX 😵‍💫 The huge JS chunks loading and network calls on every smallest action causing feedback delay and it is annoying ⌛

Personal task management should be as simple as possible, let’s build a snappy cli app that doesn’t get in our way ✌️


  • Simple and concise commands ✅
  • Works without internet connection ✅
  • Data stored locally – powered by BoltDB



# Go 1.16+
go install github.com/kakengloh/tsk@latest

# Go < 1.16
GO111MODULE=on go get github.com/kakengloh/tsk

Ensure that $GOPATH/bin is in your PATH


See releases for executables


Create a new task

tsk new 'make coffee'

tsk new output

Create a new task with status and priority

tsk new 'feed my cat' -s doing -p high

tsk new with options output

List tasks

tsk ls

tsk ls output

List tasks with filters

tsk ls -s doing -p high

tsk ls with filters output

List tasks with a keyword

tsk ls cat

tsk ls with keyword output

View tasks in a Kanban board

tsk board

tsk board output

Mark task(s) as todo

tsk todo 2

tsk todo output

Mark task(s) as doing

tsk doing 2

tsk doing output

Mark task(s) as done

tsk done 2

tsk done output

Modify an existing task

tsk mod 2 -s todo -p low

tsk mod output

Add note(s) on a task

tsk note 2 'it still hungry' 'meow...'

tsk note output

Remove task(s)

tsk rm <id> <id2> ...
tsk rm 1 2 # example

tsk rm output


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