A library to help servers identify their users by managing TLS client certificates


Import this library, then create a Store:

cartman, err := NewStore("users")

this will scan the users directory for folders containing certificates. The accepted structure is as follows:

├── me
│   └── cert.pem
└── test
    └── cert.pem

The certificate file must be a x509 certificate encoded em pem format.

If no error occurs the certificates for test and me will be identified if sent by them. You can check if the sent certificate is known using the tls package:

connInfo := conn.ConnectionState()
userName, err := cartman.GetClientFromCert(connInfo.PeerCertificates[0])

Testing a client

To successfuly connect to a server using cartman the client must send a certificate, this example uses openssl directly:

openssl s_client --connect localhost:8080 -cert users/test/cert.pem -key users/test/cert.key -crlf -CAfile fullchain.pem

But you can use curl likewise:

curl -vv https://localhost:8080 -E users/test/cert.pem --key users/test/cert.key --cacert fullchain.pem

Creating certificate files can be done using openssl:

openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:4096 -keyout users/test/cert.key -out users/test/cert.pem -days 36500 -nodes

To see an example of a server check the cartman_test.go file.


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