contracted but not simple

h2g is a plugins to test grpc service when the testing tool does not support grpc in iris

How to use

Download in your project

go get github.com/culionbear/[email protected]

//Use H2G in iris
func main() {
    m := iris.New()
    //New H2G Manager
    g := h2g.New(&h2g.Config{
        Handler: map[string]h2g.Func{
            //server name : GrpcClient
            "hello.Debug": func() interface{} {
                //New Grpc Connect
                conn, err := grpc.Dial(model.GrpcAddr, grpc.WithInsecure())
                if err != nil {
                    log.Fatalf("did not connect: %v", err)
                //New Grpc Client with protobuf
                return pb.NewClient(conn)
        //get service name from url
        Service: "service",
        //get method name from url
        Method: "method",
    //m.Post("/grpc/{service}/{method}", g.Service)
    m.Post(g.Path("/grpc"), g.Service)

//Protobuf file
syntax = "proto3";

message Request{
  string msg = 1;

message Response{
    string msg = 1;

service Hello{
  rpc SayHello(Request) returns (Response);

Now we can use Postman or Curl or the other to test grpc server.


with request data: {“msg”: “hello”}

xpected output: {“msg”: “xxx”}.


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