This Application created with gogen cli tools with several command :

gogen domain core

gogen entity Todo

gogen error MessageMustNotEmpty
gogen error TodoAlreadyChecked

gogen usecase RunTodoCreate
gogen usecase RunTodoCheck
gogen usecase GetAllTodo

gogen repository SaveTodo Todo RunTodoCreate
gogen repository FindOneTodo Todo RunTodoCheck
gogen repository FindAllTodo Todo GetAllTodo

gogen gateway withmongodb
gogen gateway withsqlitedb

gogen controller restapi

gogen application mytodo

How to run it

  1. copy file config.sample.json
  2. paste it into new file with name config.json
  3. open first terminal run go mod tidy to download the go dependency
  4. still in first terminal, run the backend apps with command go run main.go mytodo
  5. open second terminal then change directory to web folder cd web/
  6. in second terminal run npm install to download the vue dependency
  7. still in second terminal run the frontend apps with command npm run dev
  8. open in browser

This application by default run with database sqlite. if you want to switch into mongodb you need to switch in application/app_mytodo.go

replace line

datasource := withsqlitedb.NewGateway(log, appData, cfg)


datasource := withmongodb.NewGateway(log, appData, cfg)


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