This is a simple tool which will create a self signed certificate for use in local development.

The main reason this exists is because installing a Go program can be easier than installing openssl on some systems.


Install with regular Go tooling:

go install

Make sure go/bin inside your home directory is in your path. On Linux/Mac this is typically done by adding a line like export PATH=$PATH:~/go/bin to ~/.profile or wherever the “profile” script is for the shell that you use (e.g. ~/.zprofile or ~/.bash_profile are common alternatives). On Windows you can edit your PATH environment variable through the Control Panel (search for “Environment”).

You can verify that the path is correct using echo $PATH (Linux/Mac) or echo %PATH% (Windows).


Once install you normally just want to type vgselfcert while being in the directory where you want the output to be. It will generate localhost.crt and localhost.key by default.

To see more options run vgselfcert -h


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