This app simplifies starting a new GO project. After finding myself spending so much time just to start a new project along with its repository, I decided to write this app to automate the process.

It currently:

  • Sets up a directory with bare minimum to get started on a GO project
  • Initializes git in the project directory with a .gitignore file and commits the initial commit
  • Sets up a GitHub repository and pushes the initial commit to it


You will have to update lines 17,18 and 19 in the main.go file to your needs then build if you want a standalone executable. image


You will need GitHub CLI installed and configured if you want to initialize a GitHub repository.

Linux How-To

  1. (Optional) Setup a new launcher on the desktop image

  2. Run the app and add the project’s name. Defaults to the value declared on line 17 in the main.go file.image

  3. Select directory path. You may add more options by updating line 32 in the main.go file. image

  4. If you want a GitHub repository hit enter, if ‘n’ is selected, program will start vscode and exit. image

  5. Enter desired repository name. If a repository with that name exists, you will be prompted to enter another name. image

  6. Enter a description if you like or leave blank if you don’t. image

  7. Choose repository visibility. image

  8. Type what the remote should be called. Defaults to origin on hitting enter. image

  9. You will prompted on successful repository initialization. image

  10. If all goes well, a vscode instance should start within your new project directory, have git initialized, and its initial commit pushed to the new repository. image


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