link-state simulation in go

for final project of computer-network course in SBU university (spring 2021) we implemented a Link-state simulation in go.

you can read full description in todo.pdf

brief description

  • there is just one manager with all data’s (in yaml files)
  • it launch some router processes and the connect to them with tcp
  • router processes transfer their connectivity table so all of them get whole network information
  • manager command routers to transfer packets, so the routing will be tested.


  • in order to run, you should run manager executable
  • but before that, router should be compiled
  • there is a shell script responsible for compiling and running both


  • manager read configs from Yaml files. there are exists in manager folder. fill free to change them
  • there should be just one connection component (all routers should connect to each other indirectly)
  • packets will send in order.


  • manager will print its own logs to stderr

  • routers write logs to separate log files (with name of their indices)

  • if a router fail before initializing the log file, it will send that failing log to manager (manager is watching router processes stderr files)

  • will print all log files in order with one line between them, so you don’t need to do anything in order to see logs.