Simulation Service Sensors LHIND

The Simulation Service generates random data for different sensors and uploads them to Kafka


  • With the Simulation Service you can configurate your different “fake”-sensors. They can give out data for AreaCounting Sensors and LineCounting Sensors.
  • There is also a configuration for the ramdomness, whether it should calculate different data or the same data everytime.
  • The is also a variable with which one allows you to change the time between incoming data
  • Furthermore the user can configurate the randomness between the score of data. (max- and min_rand)

    Enviromental variables
    • interval
    • area_sensors
    • line_sensors
    • time
    • host
    • area_min_rand
    • area_max_rand
    • line_min_rand
    • line_max_rand


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