Slack-bot create GitHub issues with a specific Reacji.

Setup Guide

Create a Socket-Mode Slack application and install to your workspace.

  • Set up your Slack App according to this guide.
  • Get the app-level token(xapp-blablabla... ).
  • Install the app to your workspace and get the bot token(xoxb-blablabla... ).

Create a GitHub app and install to your organisation.

base64 ${your-github-app.pem}
  • Install the app to your organisation and get installation id.

Edit reacji.toml.

  • Edit reacjira.toml for your setting.

Set secrets as environment variables and run.

# set environment variables
export SLACK_APP_TOKEN=${app-level Slack token}
export SLACK_BOT_TOKEN=${bot Slack token}
export GITHUB_APP_ID=${GitHub App ID}
export GITHUB_INSTALLATION_ID=${GitHub installation ID}
export GITHUB_PEM_BINARY=${base64 encoded private key file.}

# run
go build
go run reacji-github-issue


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