Async API Cli

CLI to fetch data on “todos” from a given API in a number of ways. Utilising some basic concurrency via worker pools to speed up multiple API calls.

Tool is centred around 3 core commands with additional arguments.


A simplistic take on Clean without infra layer (this was an evening’s efforts…). This enables additional adapters such as adding a HTTP layer – just add route handlers and the the app will return the same data without needing to modify the service or domain logic.

Docker Setup


docker build . -t todo-cli


docker run todo-cli -param=value



Fetches entire list of results. Supports result limiting via -count argument.

docker run todo-cli -command=fetchall -count=10


Fetches one result – requires -id argument.

docker run todo-cli -command=fetchone -id=20


Accepts an absolute file path (via -list argument). Uses worker pools to fetch results concurrently. data/sample.csv is the sample data.

Can be optimised a little further but is initially taking 2s to make 100 separate calls synchronously compared to ~500ms when fetched async using worker pools.

docker run todo-cli -command=fetchlist -list=/build/data/sample.csv

Result format

Simple logging output. Example:

INFO[0000] Response received    completed=true id=22 title="distinctio vitae autem nihil ut molestias quo" userId=2
INFO[0000] Response received    completed=false id=53 title="qui labore est occaecati recusandae aliquid quam" userId=3
INFO[0000] Response received    completed=false id=31 title="repudiandae totam in est sint facere fuga" userId=2
INFO[0000] Response received    completed=false id=68 title="aut id perspiciatis voluptatem iusto" userId=4

Error format

ERRO[0000] No results found for id: 2323    command=fetchone


│      main.go                          *main entry point*
│   │   
│   └───domain/                         *domain structs*
│   │   │
│   │   └───model/
│   │   │       todo.go                 
│   │   │        
│   │   └───repository/
│   │           todo_repository.go      *repository structs w/ infra*
│   │          
│   └───handlers/cli/                   *handlers for entry point adapters*
│   │       cli.go                      
│   │     
│   └───services/                       *services distributing domain logic*
│           reader.go                   *reader - really this isn't a service and should be relocated*
│           todo.go                     *main todo service*
│   │         
│   └───utils/                       
│           request.go                  *simple HTTP request manager - no auth etc*
│   Dockerfile
│   go.mod
│   go.sum


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