Small cli tool to help users with some routine sigma actions.


For now this tool support only one action:

  • Delete all your comments from file

How to use

Get your personal access token from

Build tool with go. Or use binary from bin folder according to you OS and Arch.

# This command will only print count of comments. You can use it to check token and file key. 
./figma-cli-arm64-darwin --token="figd_CW7zSdWGZPQeQVtpdN-9shu70RYrjriZZJRhgdcr" --file-key="2E83Evqg2r226hArzZql5m"
# If you specify userName it will delete all your comments. N.B.: you can't delete comments of other users.
./figma-cli-arm64-darwin --token="figd_CW7zSdWGZPQeQVtpdN-9shu70RYrjriZZJRhgdcr" --file-key="2E83Evqg2r226hArzZql5m" --user="Oleg"


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