A minimalistic Windows rewrite of macOS

A hotkey-oriented window snapping and resizing tool for Windows.

This animation illustrates how RectangleWin helps me move windows to edges
and corners (and cycle through half, one-thirds or two thirds width or height)
only using hotkeys:

RectangleWin demo

Keyboard Bindings

  • Snap to edges (left/right/top/bottom ½, ⅔, ⅓):

    • Win + Alt +
    • Press multiple times to alternate between ½, ⅔ and ⅓.
  • Corner snapping

    • Win + <Ctrl + Alt + : top-left ½, ⅔ and ⅓
    • Win + <Ctrl + Alt + : top-right ½, ⅔ and ⅓
    • Win + <Ctrl + Alt + : bottom-left ½, ⅔ and ⅓
    • Win + <Ctrl + Alt + : bottom-right ½, ⅔ and ⅓
  • Center window on the display: Win+Alt+C

  • Maximize window: Win+Alt+F

    (Obsolete since Windows natively supports Win+)


With Go 1.17+ installed, run:

go install[email protected]

The binary will be available in your %USERPROFILE%\go\bin directory
(which you can add to your %PATH% if it’s not there).

For now, you have to keep the process running to be able to use it.


It seems that no window snapping utility for Windows is capable of letting
user snip windows to {left, right, top, bottom} {half, two-thirds, one-third }
using configurable shortcut keys, and center windows in a screen like does, so I wrote this small utility for myself.


  • System tray (+running without a cmd window i.e. "-H=windowsgui")

  • Run on startup.

  • Configurable shortcuts: I don’t need these and it will likely require a pop-up
    UI, so I will probably not get to this.

  • Multiple monitor support: I don’t need this right now and I don’t own
    a secondary display so these will need your help.

    • Support multiple displays (the code is very likely buggy right now when the
      primary display isn’t the leftmost-topmost in the display arrangement)
    • Moving a window between displays