This project implements a Socka4a proxy based on websockets.

The client component is implemented in C compiling down to fully position independent code (PIC).

During the compilation process, obfuscation is applied on assembly level by leveraging a second tool: SpiderPIC located in LastenPIC/SpiderPIC


The obfuscation includes:

  • Instruction substitution
  • Adding trash and a jump over the trash
  • Adding useless instructions

This is meant to break static signatures, however you need to keep in mind that API hashes, strings and other constants are not obfuscated during this process.



The makefile produces both: the PIC socks client and a sample loader for the shellcode. You can call the shellcode using the following prototype:

DWORD lastenzug(wchar_t* wServerName, PWSTR wPath, DWORD port, PWSTR proxy, PWSTR pUserName, PWSTR pPassword);

The sample loader embeds the shellcode in its .text segment and can be called as follows:

.\LastenLoader.exe --server [host] --path [path used by server] --port [port]


cd Server && go build -o LastenServer
./LastenServer server --addr ws://


  • Our @invist for implementing the backend
  • Our @thefLinkk for implementing the client


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