sealevel-go 🌊

Go library embedding the Solana Sealevel runtime

Built with Go and 🦀 at REDACTED


This Go library allows you to execute Solana bytecode format programs without a blockchain node.

It interfaces with libsealevel, the C library wrapping solana-bpf-program-loader and solana_rbpf.

How to build

sealevel-go is under heavy development. ️🦺

To run, you’ll need to …

  • build libsealevel from Solana sources;
  • install headers and shared library to your path;

# Check out the `libsealevel` branch of `Blockdaemon/solana-labs`
cd solana
git remote add blockdaemon
git fetch blockdaemon
git checkout blockdaemon/libsealevel

# Build libsealevel
cargo build --package sealevel-ffi --release

# Install header
ln -s "$(pwd)/sealevel.h" /usr/local/include/sealevel.h

# Install library (Linux)
ln -s "$(pwd)/target/release/libsealevel.dylib" /usr/local/lib/libsealevel.dylib
# Install library (macOS)
ln -s "$(pwd)/target/release/" /usr/local/lib/

Then, simply Go build as usual.

go vet .
go build .
go test .


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