Exercism Go Track

Running the tests

To run the tests run the command go test from within the exercise directory.

If the test suite contains benchmarks, you can run these with the --bench and --benchmem flags:

go test -v --bench . --benchmem

Keep in mind that each reviewer will run benchmarks on a different machine, with different specs, so the results from these benchmark tests may vary.

Submitting your solution

You can submit your solution using the exercism submit filename.go command. This command will upload your solution to the Exercism website and print the solution page’s URL.

It’s possible to submit an incomplete solution which allows you to:

  • See how others have completed the exercise
  • Request help from a mentor

Need to get help?

If you’d like help solving the exercise, check the following pages:

Should those resources not suffice, you could submit your (incomplete) solution to request mentoring.

To get help if you’re having trouble, you can use one of the following resources:


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