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PC Auth Notifier

Someone tried to unlock your device

I made this project because I want to learn flutter by myself, unfortunately I can’t use my XPS camera with Ubuntu 20.04 so I use the hamster picture, this project intended for educational purpose.

Building Notes

  1. systray platform notes, read here
  2. To create onesignal application, you need to create FCM project
  3. anything else about onesignal are written on .go file as comment
  4. Tested on Linux/Ubuntu 20.04
  5. No special build args/command

Project Structure

Folder Description
assets Contain project assets
gateway-server HTTP Server for receiving and providing authentication log and generating push notification
pc-client Act as auth/log reporter, if there is new auth log, pc-client will send log data to gateway-server
mobile_flutter the mobile app
shared-packages Go shared packages ?

Tech Stack

App Flow Screenshot

Type Image
Tray Content
Scanned Machine ID
New Notification
Log List


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