Sourcegraph is a fast and featureful code search and navigation engine.

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Sourcegraph has three editions:

  • Sourcegraph Cloud lets you search over the open-source ecosystem plus your private code. Search strings, search patterns, search symbols and find references across your entire codebase and the open-source world.
  • Sourcegraph Enterprise lets you run your own Sourcegraph instance in your own environment.
  • Sourcegraph OSS is an open-source version of Sourcegraph that provides the core functionality of Sourcegraph (code search, code browsing, basic code navigation), but lacks more advanced features (enterprise authentication, repository permissions, admin controls, advanced code navigation, etc.)

Source code for all three editions is contained in this repository. See the License section for more details.


  • Install the open-source browser extension to add Sourcegraph-like powers to your code review and code host.
  • File feature requests and bug reports in our issue tracker.
  • Visit for more information about features, use cases, and organizations that use Sourcegraph.

Self-hosted installation

Sourcegraph Enterprise (free up to 10 users)

The fastest way to run Sourcegraph self-hosted is with the Docker container. See the quickstart installation guide. There are also several additional ways of running a production instance.

Sourcegraph OSS

  1. Go through Quickstart to install sg and dependencies
  2. Start the development environment in OSS mode:
    sg start oss

Sourcegraph should now be running at https://sourcegraph.test:3443.

For detailed instructions and troubleshooting, see the local development documentation.


Refer to the Developing Sourcegraph guide to get started.


The doc directory has additional documentation for developing and understanding Sourcegraph:


This repository contains both OSS-licensed and non-OSS-licensed files. We maintain one repository rather than two separate repositories mainly for development convenience.

All files in the enterprise and client/web/src/enterprise fall under LICENSE.enterprise.

The remaining files fall under the Apache 2 license. Sourcegraph OSS is built only from the Apache-licensed files in this repository.


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