Spotify Tray

MacOS only



This application fetches spotify status with osascript from the Spotify Desktop application and displays the result in the system tray.

How to create the app

  • Install go on your machine (brew install go)


  • Build with make build
  • Execute with ./lib/spotify-tray (the scripts should be present in the same folder as the binary for this to work!)


  • Build with make bundle
  • Open the Spotify Tray.dmg that was created in the dist folder

Generate icon

You can generate a custom tray icon with make generate_icon 'path-to-file' or you can generate the default icon with make generate_icon_default.

How to use the app

Launch the app or from the terminal as a process. A system tray should appear with information about current track data from the Spotify desktop app. You can format this information with some options by clicking on the system tray:

  • Show progress: show a percentage with how far the track has progressed (default: true)
  • Show artist first: show the artist first and then the title (default: true)
  • Use more space: use 64 characters for artist and 64 characters for track title, otherwise use 20 characters (default: true)


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