Spring Programming Language

Spring is an interpreted object-oriented programming language with it’s syntax resambling Python, C and PHP.


  • structs
  • encapsulation
  • functions
  • variables
  • loops
  • if blocks
  • elif and else blocks
  • each (foreach) loops
  • arrays



struct Person {
    prv prop mood;

    pub def setMood(self, v) {
        $v -> $self.mood;

    pub def sayMood(self) {
        if $self.mood == "happy" {
            println "yay im happy!";
        elif $self.mood == "sad" {
            println "im sad ;(";
        else {
            println "unknown mood...";

-- use commandline arguments
def main(args) {
    declare new Person -> $p;

    $p.setMood $p, string $args[0];

    $p.sayMood $p;


coming soon

building from source

ignore all the warnings. they are caused by antlr4’s c# target.

git clone https://github.com/kamkow1/spring-pl.git
cd spring-pl
cd src/spli


all binaries are located in the publish directory at the root of this repo. the binaries are self-contained, therefore don’t require dotnet to run (dotnet is included in the binary)

to add

a list o features to add to the language

  • json serialization / deserialization
  • xml parsing
  • lambda expressions
  • enums


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