Spyware that keeps track of your girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband activities.

Public disclaimer

Anything you do with this software I shall not be held responsible and hence this project is strictly only for educational purposes only.

What I intent to achieve with the project

  1. A mobile App
  • The app shall act as a client that you install on say your wife that shall do the following:
    • Run as an admin app like what avast run on android (highly encourage you do download this)
    • Figure out away to run a service on startup of the phone
    • Be a hide app by default launch it using special calls
    • Retrieve a copy of all phone messages
    • Stream phone screen
    • Turn on/off both the camera and microphone
    • See installed apps
    • Browse the phone files
    • Retrieve live GPS location
    • Retrieve a copy of the phones call history
    • Whatsapp is a big head (so try and retrieve the encryption key plus the db then figure out how to decrypt it !!)
  1. A web portal
  • A web portal that you can monitor all this data
  • Can add mutliple phones
  1. A server
  • to handle all this communication from the phone to the portal and save them to a DB